Dual sided app admin user

Hey guys, im currently working on my e_commerce app, a user mobile app and an admin web app.
They share one database. Im done with the user app(only finishing touches left) and now the web app. I have a question, how to creat a new admin user with this set up. Do i need to put a signup page in my web app? What if someone visit my web app and signup and giving access as admin.

1 solution i came up with is put the signup page after the admin user login. So the login admin user can creat a new admin user account.

But i came up with another problem. Because they share one database, How can i keep my web app only for admin users. Like the web app only accept admin users and normal user account cant login.

Have a true false property on database called ‘admin’. On admin Web app, have homescreen have button to continue which is only visible when logged in user > admin = true

You can manually mark users as admin on the database if there aren’t many.


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