Creating a Company Owner User, and Company, both during registration

I am creating an app that has a Users table (full of owners, and customers).

Its currently set up to have a separate onboarding for Owners (which automatically sets them to an owner account). there is an “IsOwner?” Column in the user table.

I need to know how to have a company created and the owner account at sign up.

I think the company has to “exist” before a user can be created, because users have to have a company. I’m just not sure the best way to do this.

Ideally I want to ask a user to enter their “USER” information, click sign up, then in the next screen create a “COMPANY”, then assign that user to that company as an Owner.

Then once they create the company, they are dropped on a dashboard that is associated with the new company that they just created, and they are the admin of.

Hi @john.testing ,

Company collection need to be presented as list.

Ask user for the code of the company, so only certain users know that, then use make-list button to filter that, once click this button will update the users collection with company field.

Thank you for your reply Yongki -

In that instance - the Company would already exist.

Ideally i’d like to have the owner onboard as a user, and create a profile for their company that does not exist yet.

Is this possible, or will i always have to manually premake the company in the company table?

A multistep sign up process should work. Step 1 the user is created and logged in. Step 2 the company is created and the logged in user is added to it.