How to create a company profile an connect users to it?

I´m making a app for companys where the current company has a common profil, where workers can share information.
How can i set op my database, to solve this problem.
Refferal codes?
And how can i check that it works? Can I se it in “Priview”


Hello, welcome to the Forum… it will be a pleasure to help you… is the app internal? that is, a single company with many employees?

What would you like them to share?

Because it depends on that are the collections that have to be created… if you tell me more I can help you!

Yes, it´s internal, but i want to make it for many companies.

It´s a to-do list and a calender for the produktion.

It would be nice if i could keep it simple, so employers could login only by whrithing the company code?

You can absolutely do that, you can add an authentication screen for example to check the companies code related to that employee, or starting at the login you can check that!

Ok you must create a relationship a user belongs to a company.

How to register: you can do it in several ways in the signup you put a dropdown where the companies are, then the user selects a company … then in the lists they must be filtered show me all the users that are from this company

So as users it has a relationship with tasks and users with company… you must filter the list

all the tasks that the user corresponds to the company.

Okay - how can i filter a list that is a list of tasks? I can only choose proberties from tasks…

Thank you so much! I´d figured it out by making af refferel code to the company and make the filter (equal to inpu)