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Hi everyone . I’m new to Adalo. But I created some apps from adalo. Instergram( simple one), Facebook(simple one), Knowledge Portal, Twitter(Simple one). So I need help to create this app which I think. So this is my question. I want to create an quiz app like when they signed and logged and when they comes to the home screen some categories will appearing in the screen like Maths , Science,Gk, Sports etc. Then when the user clicked a category like user click’s Maths category and some level’s appearing. Like 100 levels. And the levels need be locked except the 1st level. When the user completed the 1st level then he can go for the 2nd level then 3rd level like that. And When the user’s answer correct display+5,6,7 like any points. How many points are giving for level is increasing. Like 1level= 5,2ndlevel= 8 like that and the points should added to the scoreboard. And for the every level, every question the scoreboard and a timer should be displayed. And when the user completed the 10th level the user gets 150 points and user gets a certificate. And the certificate should have to display on the screen and when the certificate displays on the screen the certificate should emaild to the user’s email address. And the user can chat with other users and a user can play a category , level with another user. And for the correct answer should have correct answer sound effect and for the wrong answer should have wrong answer sound effect. And the user gives the wrong answer it has to display your answer is wrong and link to the levels screen again and can’t unlock other levels until the user completes the 1st level. And until he unlock the 2nd level he can’t go for the third level. And there are 100 levels. And when the user passed the 10th level he gets 150 points.The user passed the 20 th level he gets 250 points. like that. And other users can have access to see others details and what quizzes have done and how many coins winned and progress. Like that. And other users have access to chat and play together. Like for maths category the first level 2 players playing. When the 1st user answered show the next player did he win or not the level and show him the scoreboard and when he played show that details to the other user. Like how many coins did he get? Did his answer correct? Like that. And they can stop the compition when they needed. And when they stop the quiz give them a clap and give points and display the certificates and send the certificates to the email too. And when they start again show them The 1st level and other levels lock and shuffle the questions in the levels. So does I can make like this app? If I can create this app can someone help me .

Hi, I’ll be honest, I don’t think you’ll get a ton of responses here because it’s quite a lot to take in, but I’ll help.

You need to break this all down into separate components and go step by step as you build.

Start here Clone Quiz App to Jumpstart Your No Code App



Any questions after that come back and ask on specific problems you’re having.

Good luck


Thank you . I will do like that

Hi!! how do I create the database for the app which I thought?
like what collections have to be there? what property’s have to be there?
can someone help me to create the database?
Thank you!!

Hi @dilon_perera , After reading your questions, I can assure you that YES you can do this on Adalo “except some little details”, you can do it but you’ll have to take a paid plan, 100 levels per category will take all the free space that is “50 rows of data” although if you want a proof of concept just start with some questions,

the collections you’ll need:
Solo games “started by the player with no 2nd player”
Duo games “started with another player or invited in”
List of catégories
List of levels “tied to the categories”
list of questions of a level
list of chats “discussions”
list of messages "linked to the appropriate chat

Playing with another player is probably possible too, (a little tricky ) but possible you’ll have to implement the text chat logique to the game to see the answers instantly
and if you want some help for the database setup, it’ll take a lot of time, so to find someone to do it for free is no easy task,

I hope that you’ll find it helpful,

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Here’s a little clonable app I made for you,
continue from there

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Thanks a lot @Benalihoussam

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