My First App In Adalo - Quizzy

Hello Everyone :wave:

Power Of Knowledge Proudly Presents QUIZZY!!

So this is my first app in Adalo. It’s a Quiz app.

Here’s the link of the app. You’ll can go and look.

Hope you’ll enjoy!!

Thank you


Any Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you

Hello Dilon,

a few things in my opinion:
The efect in changing pages must be “none” because you have diferent ones and it’s a bit confusing
the page where user puts the photo, may be good to have a title like " upload your photo"
and i’ve been able to pass level one with 0 points.

the apps look good, this is just my 2 cents

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Hey Dilon, the quiz app looks good! I like the animations you made, maybe i will setup a bit shorter timer for the action. I will also add a statystics page on profile to see progress, and i would make a second action once an user complete a level. If score = 0 set a GameOver page. A part from that, i like it and you should really improve the gameplay

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