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I have an app for a campaign. In this app there are users that belong to a team. Several teams make up a region/country, several regions/countries make up an area. (these relationships are set in the properties) As user submit details, I can show a dashboard with the entries.

How do I have a create dashboards for the team, region/country and area?
In the team the dashboard should have all the detailed entries from the team members (users) ,
In the region/country, I need to have the sums of all the entries (team wise)
where as for the area the dashboard will have the sums of all the entries (region/country) wise?

Is this possible, how?

Hi @sibypaul

From what you’ve described I would recommend to use Custom Lists for the dashboards.
The aggregate parameters (like Sum, Average, etc.) of related collections could be accessed from the lists as well, as I remember.

BR, Victor

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Thank you Victor. But how do I show this only to people who are supervisors or leaders, like team leader, regional/country leader and area leader?

Hey @sibypaul, create an additional property in the Users collection - role, and this should have a relationship with a separate collection, called roles.

The relationship should be many to many. A user can have many roles (eg. supervisor, leader, and area leader) and a role should have many users. If you want to restrict a user to only one role, you could also.

Then certain dashboards would be visible depending on the user’s role.

I would suggest creating a profile page, and conditionally hiding dashboards based on the user’s role. The user would have to go through the profile page to navigate to the dashboard that they should have visibility over.

Hope this helps!

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