Creating data on a collection on sign up

Im adding a new action on the sign up button to create data (a number) on a collection. Then I m adding a new action to a Text to create another data (another number) on the same collection. I want to put the evolution on a chart. Turns out that the first new action on the sign up button creates the data on the colletion but it doesnt record the number on the collection. The chart then starts from 0 to the second number that was created.
How come the first addiction isnt recordin? I put the exact action.

Hi @Gasollino - I’d suggest spelling out in more detail (maybe with screenshots?) to explain what you want to achieve and what you have done. With the information you’ve provided so far, it’s not really clear enough to help you.

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Sorry, my english isnt that great. But I was able to resolve the problem. Ty for your attentio anyways!