Addtional Entry in Collection on Submit action

Hi, I have a modified version of coaching app in adalo. I have an issue that for any new record creation, system creates additional record in the collections with “name” in the key field.

Example: For a “Subject” collection, create a subject function creates two entries “Maths” (which was entered by the user), and “Name” which it seems is created by the system on submit by the end user.
Please let me know how this can be addressed

Can you share a screenshot of how you have your actions set up?

This is the screenshot of the action of ‘submit button’ for creating a new ‘subject’.

Hey, just wanted to follow up on the system defect. You got anything?

@yashverma7531 can you also share a screenshot or video of what the collection records for your Subjects collection looks like after you submit that form? That would help me understand what you mean by “additional entry.” Thanks!

Hey, I have attached the screen recording regarding the problem.

@yashverma7531 it looks like that google drive file isn’t publicly accessible

Oh sorry Ben, it should be accessible now.

It looks like your “Create New Subject” button has an action that’s created the subject record called “Name” in addition to linking to your form screen

Exactly that is the issue. Please can you help as why it is doing so.
Here is my account details if it helps:


P: password123

@yashverma7531 your first action tells Adalo to create a blank record with ‘name’ as the title. Maybe you want to delete or change that?

Thank you very much. The issue was solved by deleting the create subject action in the create new subject button.