Creating for Larger Companies?

Does anyone have any experience creating Adalo apps for large companies? I am thinking about using Adalo for a job with a fairly well known clothing company, but I do not want to create it here if it will not be able to handle the large database that I will be connecting to.

Hi Parker, I’ve using adalo with big companies BUT not using collections, I use adalo as front end and in the backend a robust database like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or Velneo… all through API.

If you need help with these matter, drop me an email

Matias from Rimatcom


How large are the companies that you’re working with? like if we were going to use Adalo to build an app for a large clothing company like H&M or Levi’s then would it be able to handle it? I have called a few other no code app companies and they basically said that you’ll need something that is custom built from their development team.

Did other companies tell you that you needed something bespoke, and that they would develop it for you? or did they not advise you to use the no-code for your project?

We are looking into no code options to see if it’s a possible solution. It’s come a long way - much further ahead than where it was just a few years ago, so we’re hopeful to find something that is much easier to maintain and is less expensive than starting from scratch.

Repeating what @MatCas said, we’ve built for several large startups and seen significant traffic.

Typically we don’t use Adalo’s backend for these projects, as the client already has their own DB that we integrate into.

As an FYI, several Adalo apps have +10k users. Last I heard the “record” is +100k.

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