For business use


Before I was busy, but now I am free to make app now

I know your software is really good for start up business and entrepreneurs business

But I want to ask if I make a app for business for the world markets, can it bear with heavy traffic or have a sufficient datebase??

Such as 100000 users?? And the biggest app in adalo, how many member it has and can accommodate? Function well??

Because I really want to use your app, but stable support in heavy traffic and sufficient datebase is important to me

Business plan of 200 hkd, can work well with 100000 user in usual situations ??

Hope to listen you soon and start making a app by you guys

Hk free walk

Hi Lau,

Welcome to the community! :partying_face:

There is an Adalo app that has 100k and more users, and its running perfectly. :slight_smile:

Which app is that? Is is a public app or internal?


Yes, I want to know which is the app too, because some apps that the button click always late react.

I also want to know how to solve this problem