Just wanted to show Adalo's power 🔋

Hi everyone👋🏻,

I’d like to share an impressive achievement with all of you regarding one of my clients’ apps developed on Adalo. Despite some skepticism about Adalo’s scalability for initial launches, I must say, it’s time to reconsider that notion. This particular app has managed to handle an astonishing 10,000+ records flawlessly, proving Adalo’s capabilities beyond doubt.

It’s crucial to recognize this remarkable feat and reflect on the potential of the Adalo tool. If you were hesitant before, now is the perfect moment to reevaluate its suitability for your own projects. The fact that this app has seamlessly managed such a substantial database should compel you to think twice about any doubts regarding Adalo’s scalability.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage Adalo’s power and flexibility for your own app development needs. Embrace its potential, witness its success, and unlock endless possibilities. Take a closer look at Adalo and discover how it can empower you to create impressive, scalable applications right from the start.

I must say Adalo can not able to handle millions of records at the moment but I’m sure in the near future it’ll handle that as well for sure.


Wow! Impressive, can’t wait to see it grow even more! :slight_smile:

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Hi @ishantanusrivastava. Congrats on the success!

But I think - at least for me - that your post has the opposite effect than the one you intended to.
I thought we were passed the phase were we were questioning if Adalo would perform well with 10k users. I thought the bar was much higher by now.

It’s a little unsettling as a maker if a good performance with 10k users is worth highlighting. It obviously depends on the app’s intended usage, but that means that projects with a larger target market should only consider Adalo for their initial stage and have a plan for re-building their platform right from the start.

But thanks for sharing and wishing lots of success!

Hi @afonso ,

Thanks for participating in this thread with your thoughts. Here are my thoughts - I agree with you that currently, Adalo’s app UI is not that smooth but I’m sure in the near future it will be.

congrats @ishantanusrivastava on getting there! great achievement. what were the steps you took to achieve this goal?

my worries has been on Adalo’s scaleability for an MVP - getting to 10k users would be a dream.

Hi @lexmakesthings ,

Since this is a Client app, I am not aware of what steps they are taking to acquire users exactly but maybe via ads.

thank you for your reply. my question was about the app development side - what were the steps you took to build the app for scalability?

Adalo can handle much more guys!! 10k is no question



What kind of app do you have?

it has a list of fast food restaurants in germany and usa,

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i used this to split the csv files Split CSV online between 2.000 and 5.000 rows

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