Creating Kanban board in Adalo App

Hello! We are working on an app that should include a Kanban board functionality for the users (simple form; e.g. backlog, work in progress, done columns). This is not part of the standard set of tools available in Adalo. Has anyone of you dealt this this before? What might be a good way to design such a simple Kanban board in an app?
Thanks for any ideas!!

Hi @h_huebner,

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You can create a custom one with rectangles,texts but as far as I’m aware you can’t do the dragging,unfortunately. It needs a component build by a component developer or by Adalo!

You can add this component request in this category! : #jobs-freelance

And also you can add this as a feature request here! :

Do you need to drag them or just keep them?

Thank you

Hi Dilon, thanks - yes, a drag and drop version would be required. So, is it best to post this in the freelance section, right?

Yep and add it here too!

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