Creating multiple database entries for a recurring event


I want my users to be able to request something on a recurring basis.

For example, if they request the item on a monthly or weekly recurring basis, I need the action to create multiple entries into the database for each recurring request -12 entries if it is monthly, 52 entries if it is weekly (assuming it’s for a year, even better if it can just roll on forever…). All the details will be the same except certain dates which would need to be updated as part of the initial entry based on when the future action(s) will occur.

Can this be acheived within Adalo? If I have to use an external API to do this, which would be best, and am I better off having my databases in Excel rather than in Adalo? Excel would give me more flexibility for formulas etc for other aspects, but I have been trying to keep everything within Adalo as I worry about glitches or downtime with something like Zapier.

Thank you!

There are no timed or recurring jobs within Adalo itself. You would look to use something like Zapier or Make as the easiest option to do this for you.

Thank you.

So I worked out that using the multi-select calendar (paid feature) does create multiple database entries - one for each selected date, but it’s a bit arduous for the user if there are a lot of recurrences to select all the dates…

I’ll be looking into Zapier/Make to see if I can streamline the recurring dates another way too unless you have any other ideas based on the multi-select calendar.

Appreciate your support

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