Creating own form

Hello, I wonder how can I collect the following information from Users:-

  1. How can I set my own registration form for the user’s section which gives them two options to choose from, Male or Female once they chose , record the data and make a relationship between the male and female and make some conditional visibility based on if the logged in user is a Male or Female.

  2. How can I collect their phone number along with their country code seated by a drop-down menu similar to the google registration form in the phone number section? Which is latter important for me to collect some more information and set some fields using their phone number

  3. How can I collect more than one photo as a mandatory field to register? Do I have to use a Photo list as a form for this one?

  4. Also How can I collect a video as an important field of registration which can be displayed in a similar style as their profile pic when someone goes to that profile and displays the video? Is that similar to the file property? or is there another way to collect this field?

  5. And Also How can I collect their nationality? How can I let the users choose their nationality in a similar fashion to their phone number?

Thank you in advance.