Let's build Online Ordering App (clone-able)

This is one of PSABH series.

This is an example app that shows a multi-sided app (as Business and as Customer) and how online ordering works in Adalo.

Customers can create order and complete them and start new order again.

Business can monitor the transactions as customers create them.

Play around and ask questions if you are interested.

Business can monitor the transactions
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2 customers create orders, they can go back and resume ordering, if they need to
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Business can see unpaid transactions
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2 customers are finishing their orders and business can see the result
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There is a delete all transactions function for this demo purpose only, in order to clear those orders.

This circular ordering mechanism can be facilitated by Adalo’s great capability.

Imagine if this is combined with Location, new product can show as additional items to order, such as when customer is ordering in store and doing takeaway.


Database design of this app can be roughly described below:

User will create new order header in order to save date and payment status, as well as total order.
Order header will be the parent of order detail that hold value of quantity and product, as well as line total.
Product is linked to order detail, as order detail can only have 1 product.

After payment, new order header can be created again and following the same process again.

Made some little improvements here.


Showing 2 different ways to order,

  1. Quick Ordering for products that are well known and
  2. Page Ordering for products that need more information to buy

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With quick ordering, order details are pre-processed for quicker UX.

Simple Reporting.

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Introducing Pay with Wallet.

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Added Driver functionality to deliver the order.

Only 2 statuses are added, Accepted, once driver accept the order to deliver and Delivered, once the order reached its address.

Hi thanks you for your Relpy but i really want to learn step by step how to do this mainly this the (-) et (+) button to add or substrats quantity. Is possible to give the création link of the app in Adalo. Just to see and understand the way you do this. Thx you.
Notice : very good job

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Yongki has already added that!

Once you click the URL click on the Clone button to add that to your account!


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