Creating subdomain for Adalo app IPv4?

Hi guys,

I own the domain on GoDaddy. I’m trying to create a subdomain to host my Adalo app. I plan to build a separate website on the primary domain.

I’m following the GoDaddy instructions to create an A record:
Type: A
Name: app
Value (this field it is requesting an IPv4 address): ???

Adalo does not seem to provide an IPv4 address anywhere?

Any suggestions would be welcome. I’m probably misunderstanding/doing something a bit dumb :))

Hello I have some domains in godaddy and I create a cname and then I made a tmb subdomain
www is the domain and admin is the subdomain

So you think I should add these 2 CNAMES?

It depends on me because I send the two domains to adalo, I have some where the main domain goes to wordpress and the subdomain to adalo… that already depends on where you use the domains

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