Domains - works but https://abc... does not

Hi guys. I’m new to Adalo, & new to the forum. Adalo looks great!

So I built a web-app on Adalo and I published to a custom domain.

https://www.[domain] works. https://[domain] does not.

I spoke to GoDaddy and they said that Adalo must provide me with an IP address so I can properly set up an A record.

Is this true? If yes - what is the IP? The only thing I see in the documentation is a CNAME record.

Thank you!

You should be able to do it on GoDaddy using either a re-direct or CNAME I think.

For me on Cloudflare I did a CNAME for www that points to the root domain name.

You won’t be able to get a IP for your Adalo app (just my suspicion).

So I’d say set the root domain to point to Adalo, and then point the www to the root.

Thank you.

I actually have tried this with the CNAME. It didn’t work for me.

A redirect might work but I need a new Godaddy product to enable that, and I’d like to avoid this.

I’ll see if anyone else has any ideas. Or if Adalo team can answer.

Thanks very much for the help!

Currently, we only support custom domains that have a subdomain such as or As Tony mentioned above, you can create a redirect in your dns records so that the root domain redirects to the subdomain you have connected to Adalo.

Connecting a root domain directly to Adalo is a great idea for a new feature, which you can submit here:

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