I want to share the data base of adalo with bubble

how i can do this sharing , share all relationship and data base of adalo to bubble??
i want the best and the fast solution
thank youu

Adalo has an API for their data.

Bubble has an API connector to get to that data.

without using an airtable or somthing ? because i want also in bubble to modify the data and send it to adalo ?

You can do it both ways.

Adalo can read/update Bubble data. Bubble can read/update Adalo data.

You won’t “send” it - you will do it directly. Having updates in two places is not a good idea.

But yes, both have “Data” APIs. Both have API connectors. In Adalo it is an “External Collection” - in Bubble it is the “API Connector” plugin.

i want get the same relatioship between collections in adalo and bubble ? i made it in adalo so we dont need th set it in bubble ?