CRM Build Question

Hello, I am new to Adalo. I am looking to build a CRM platform.

Does Adalo have the ability to have a single CRM that can house MULTIPLE client tenants with the ability to keep data separated based on permissions configured in the app?

Are there any row limits or other limitations that would bottleneck such a project?

Thanks in advance to the Adalo community for your input.

Hi @Steven,

From my point of view, this is possible.
Though you will have to set up the user roles / companies by yourself, and implement the logic for access control and data views/access/edit.

@Jasper has done a great job building and sharing the CRM clonable app, you can find it here:

Might be useful for you :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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Hi @Steven,

Adalo should be able to have those features without any problems. You shouldn’t have any issues with rows either.

As @Victor mentioned, the template I created should give you some decent insight into how to make your CRM.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions around making the app.

Good luck!


Thank you @Jasper and @Victor for your feedback. Good to hear that based on your experience with Adalo that this is possible.

I have a background in deploying Salesforce and Dynamics 365 CRM’s but am interested in creating my own version.

Thanks again.


I’ve built CRMs specific for home health companies, but with Adalo. Good luck and hoping to hear updates.

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