Is it Possible To Create A Basic CRM?

Is it possible to build a CRM with the following features:

Tap to call:

Tap to email:

Allow the user to export the database as an excel or CSV

Any detailed help would be awesome! I’m trying to help a non-profit get off the ground.

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Hi Jade,

I’ve moved your question to the Help section so it can get more views.

For tap to email and call, this is definitely possible using the URL schemes:

For export to CSV, I don’t think this is quite possible natively, but you could use something like Integromat or Zapier to do this quite easily.

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This very doable as I have built one for a client. Includes ability to call, email, map of customers, scheduling appointments, documenting calls. Zapier or APIs can certainly be used to automate certain features like automating email responses.

Hi @Jade :wave:

Just would like to add to the thread that @Jasper just released a clonable CRM template :point_down:

Hope this will also help you get your project started :blush:

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