Simple CRM - Cloneable Adalo App

Hi Adalo Community,

I have been using No-Code platforms for quite some time but recently came across Adalo. I’m loving the platform and have dived into making some basic apps. I thought I would start releasing some of the apps as cloneable templates to help other people that join the platform.

Here is one of the first apps I completed.

Preview/Clone App Link:
Direct Clone Link:


Simple and easy to use CRM. Manage your contacts and tasks.


  • View, Create, Edit, and Delete Contacts
  • View, Create, Edit, and Delete Tasks
  • View, Create, Edit, and Delete Profile (Account)
  • Signup/Login Functions

Let me know what you think. Feel free to mention any issues you find or features you think should be added.


Hey @Jasper welcome to the forum and what an entrance to make!

This is a great resource for the community and I’m sure it will help many people! Thanks for sharing!