CSV color import issue

I’ve uploaded data from a CSV and some colors are not translating. The Hearts (red) is fine and I can’t get the diamonds (red) to come in properly. I’ve tried changing the color in the sheet (it is fine in the sheet) but it won’t translate through the upload). Thanks for any insight.

Manually type one in using the database form in Adalo editor.
Download CSV of that collection
Find the character code from there


I downloaded file and could not find what the formatting is for the character. Not sure how to reveal that.
Also, When I open the form in Adalo I am not sure how to change/edit as it seems locked.
Appreciate your insight.

Hi @LisaK
I have had similar trouble before but can’t remember exactly how I overcame.

My next step would be to copy the character in the csv then paste into the cells you want to upload. Test upload a couple of rows first.

Another issue might be that your browser supports the emoji but your handset doesn’t?

In adalo editor, collections view, click the row in the table you want to edit. And remember to press ‘save’ to commit your changes.