Is there anybody that can create a Component for friendly URLs

I really need for my PWAs projects to have friendly URLs…
Is there anybody that can create a Component for friendly URLs?
Or this may not be something that can be achieved for this stage with Adalo?
Thank you!

do you mean like

Thank you for answer.
No, not like, but explicit URLs not a random suit of numbers and letters. In need an URL that looks like vs{"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_adk1mzt1ybmscrz5i4ohmd3fg"%3A1%2C"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_cnlxhcaqsuijoopke8rcu2n9a"%3A1%2C"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_5mh77qeys7jyf26yy2ky9hbi7"%3A2%2C"5842n5rl0y9lut17dglexmt4d.t_8i2nsox6979vqnxvjw6smy43e"%3A4}

I may be not solving those, but check those out…

How to “url encode” some values? - Help - Adalo

A way to do deterministic URLs? - Help - Adalo

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Thank you.
I will go through all!

Deep linking is on Adalo’s roadmap for Q2 I think so I think that will solve what you’re wanting.


Thank you @pfordmedia !
I have voted for it!
The only minus is that I need this function now, for a project that is live…

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