New Components (1) Randomizer (2) Friendly URL - how to use?

Thanks for your explanation @ashley, but can you share a quick loom tutorial for both? I’m not able to fully follow you.
With randomizer, When is it triggered? Is it auto-action on page visit? Eg How can I ensure if a user ID is created once, it is not overwritten everytime a user visits that page?
Same with friendlyurl, would will be much easier to understand with video. Thanks.

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Thanks Ashley for your explanation.

But your explanation raises more questions and hypothetical scenarios to be honest, and components really need video tutorial + documentation.

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Agreed with all the above. Has anyone successfully used the Friendly URL component in practice? Please share a quick screencast or screenshot of your setup. It’s undecipherable on how to set it up from the inline documentation in the component. thx

Try to follow the instructions but it seems impossible.

The friendly url component seems super essential to me.

Hey Guys! Don’t worry. Am creating a tutorial on it. I will make it available on my youtube channel within few hours!


@prakharm8 please post here once you have the tutorial up. I’m blocked on a project but this component looks promising as a method for solving the issue. thanks

@prakharm8 re you still intending to document the Friendly URL plugin? Unfortunately it’s unusable until someone who knows how it works can provide some guidance. thanks. cc @ashley

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same questions here…

  • is it important where to put the friendly URL box? If so on which screen?
  • does it work on the adalo subdomain or you need your own?

Whenever I try this I am simply routed to my home screen…

@prakharm8 I don’t care about the randomizer component. Do you know how the Friendly URL component works? That’s what everyone in this thread is trying to use and what you had said you were documenting via screencast. Lmk

I am interested in both components. I want to know how Randomizer is different from RAND() math function.

Its quite disappointing to see how little attention this thread has received from Adalo team, even after everyone saying they can’t follow the instructions after Ashley’s reply almost 3 weeks ago. Not sure what conclusions to draw from this.

Appreciate the community’s thoughts and comments. Its best if we all keep this thread active by posting every few days so this topic doesn’t get auto-closed. Or at least until decent tutorials are posted for both components.

I am going to produce a short tutorial on the friendly url component tomorrow as this seems to be a problem for most users and the component developer has not provided any further instructions on it.

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Hey @Colin If your understand and can make a tutorial be amazing.

Thanks so much :blush:

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The maker of the custom component has said he will be producing a video tutorial on how to use this soon.

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Anyone @grid7 @prakharm8 @Maxiogas @tjd_15 figure out Friendly URL yet? I thought I followed the instructions in the app but it’s not seeming to work.

I have a “profile” screen that shows a user’s posts and I can’t figure out how to link to that. I’m trying to get it to make the friendly url to be“username”

I’ve tried a few variations with and without using my domain in the Name of Property field.

Thanks for following up @Colin :+1:t2:

Sorry guys, I too tried to figure out the friendly url component, but it is giving out few errors.

BTW i have published a video on randomizer component. You can go and have a look.


Thanks for this tutorial Prakhar. Nice explanation :+1:t2:

Have not figured it out. A couple people have purported to know but nobody has yetmade a clear tutorial explaining it. If you figure it out please share what worked and we’ll all do the same.


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