Custom action - Automatically send mail (instead of paying for Zappier)

Hey guys, I am a complete rookie to the custom actions but I would like to ask if there is a way to use it instead of Zappier (to avoid paying) to automatically send an email, i.e. for subscriptions, feedback, etc. Thank you.

Hey @Tommen,

You certainly could use a custom action to send an email, but it will require some other tool to complete the email send. i.e. Mailchimp, Hubspot, Sendgrid, etc to complete the action. You can’t directly send the email from a custom action as far as I know.


You can, for free, using Google sheet api and your Gmail account, if any.
You can also create a webhook using Google apps script, and your custom action will send the necessary data to this Ebhook, depending on your needs (email(s), subject, body,…)


Thank you both for the advice! Don’t you please know if there is somewhere a tutorial/more detailed text describing how to do that? I found one custom action video but it’s not about this. Thank you.

Hi @Tommen,
Have you checked this Topic : Using Webhooks in Adalo (with Integromat)

I think there is a request to have Integromat working with adalo…
they have a free plan for starters… have not taken time - yet - to see how it all works !

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Thanks for the idea, I actually haven’t seen this. Will give it a try! :slight_smile:

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It actually seems like the better option than Zappier but it is still limited. Are you experienced @ChristopheHK with your option? Is it a better solution? Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s a better option because it’s free :yum:

What’s needed is to integrate Google sheet as a custom action on adalo side (not done yet) to create rows in your gsheet. And you create a Google apps script for this gsheet, triggered by the Onchange event, in charge to send the email with your Gmail account. There are some limitations imposed by Google (500 emails / day if I am correct)

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That sounds great! Have you tried and implemented it yourself? :blush:

I do lot of things using apps script. The last one was to counter the problem of time formula not updated in background in airtable (aka. Formulas comparing a date with today(), or a date time with now()). Depending on the results of the formulas, I needed the corresponding rows to enter in a specific airtable view. So… Apps script! This script use the airtable api, and write a dummy data every minute in the first row of the airtable table. As soon as a airtable field is changed, all formulas within the airtable table run, and I get in the background my rows in the dedicated view (which is used as a zapier trigger / new record in view). Apps script is quite simple to use (Google is my friend, stackoverflow too!) and it works like a charm, for free.

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Sounds great, wish I was so skilled with that too :grinning:. Do you think you could please write a bit more detailed description of how to achieve those actions I mentioned above? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try but probably not before next week, I am currently on trip (holiday) :blush:

No worries, thank you and enjoy your holiday! :slightly_smiling_face: