Custom Action Outputs are Live!

There’s been a little buzz :honeybee: about our latest release.

Custom Actions just got a whole lot sweeter :honey_pot:

Have you ever wanted to…
:round_pushpin: Geocode an address? No Problem!
:sun_behind_small_cloud: Display the weather report by location? Absolutely!
:white_check_mark: Run external code & use the output in your app? Piece of cake.
:telephone_receiver: Call an API & use the return response in your app? Now you can!

Custom Action Outputs are now available for paying customers! :tada:

Read up more about how to use this powerful functionality here:
Help Article

& if you’d like to see how a Custom Action Output can be used, check out this tutorial:
Custom Action Outputs


@KatelynCampbell Very cool! I’ve been waiting for this functionality for some time. Would it be possible to create a tutorial teaching customized actions of address geolocation?

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