Custom action sendgrid email authorization expired

Hello guys,

I want to implement an email verification. I already checked and followed the resources on sendgrid custom actions.

However when I run a test I get this error and can’t sort it out. I’m a beginner with APIs.

Any hint is appreciated

I guess you need to create a new private key in your sendgrid account. Let me know if that works!

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@Sual yes @montetennis is correct, this can happen sometimes with Sendgrid if you don’t use the key for a while or if Sendgrid thinks you’re getting too many bounced (undeliverable) emails. (Shameless plug: This is something I’ve tried to address with


Thank you for your inputs!
I couldn’t wait and went for SendinBlue that’s cheaper + French :slight_smile:
Congrats for adastacks! seems pretty useful, pro & well priced, best of luck

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