SendGrid OTP Email verification: detailed tutorial

I struggled for more than 3 hours to make the OTP email verification work properly using SendGrid.
I believe the current tutorial, is missing some crucial steps, not easily replicable for newbies and intermediate users.

I believe such an important functionality needs to be available also to the less experienced users.

That’s why I created this video, hope you like it!



we always do! :slight_smile:

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Hi, I followed your tutorial word for word, and did it with a brand new Sendgrid account (on the free plan), but I am running into the error below:

“errors”: [
“message”: “Permission denied, wrong credentials”,
“field”: null,
“help”: null

Please can you assist, this is such an annoying issue and it’s the only thing I’m struggling with. Thank you in advance.

I fixed it. Create a magic text element with the API and then insert the magic text next to the bearer. That worked for me.

Okay I’ll take another look at it, thank you!