Custom actions (Sendinblue) after pausing my account

I have paused my account for a month and I have subscribed again now. I had some custom actions sending email at certain steps but those transactional email to be sent via sendinblue are not anymore sent.
It seems as if on Adalo side the use of custom action has been paused and not re-established again.
Thanks for any suggestion

Hi @bikeflix ,

What happens if you try to “Edit” this custom action (not changing anything, just to see if the action passes the test"?


Yes already tried and its passed. Im checking also on sensinblue side to sew if they have some block somewhere

Hi @bikeflix,

That’s weird :-/
You could try to recreate the action from scratch and see if the new one works… if it doesn’t help, then the only way left is to submit a ticket to Adalo: Submit a Support Ticket


Thanks for your support Victor, the weird stuff here is that Sendinblue given that my app did not trigger any transactional email has set the limit of email to send to ZERO!!!

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This means the solution I applied was to create a new account and copy and paste they new api key into the adalo custom actions

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