Sendinblue email verification

Please who has a proper video tutorial for Adalo email verification with Sendinblue? Please help thanks

Hi @endieumunna ,
Here you go:

(1) Sending emails in Adalo via Sendinblue - YouTube

i will add in a bit the Email verification process.

Enjoy. Let me know if you have any further questions.


Great… I use sendinblue a lot… but I would like to know if you know how to use templates, that is, create a design template and have the mail come out with that design

I have never used sendinblue before. I am a completely novice with sendinblue

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Thanks boss…we’ll check it out

Mailersend is AMAZING!

You can send up to 12,000 emails a month on their free plan. And it all integrates with Curl code. You just copy and paste then fill in magic text!

If you wanted to check them out! Also 24 hour support. And they are super helpful and extremely patient!

Wow cool. You have a video of how it works? A demo?

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I do not at the moment but I can make one later today!

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Hi @Santiago,
Sure, will see if can make a tutorial on that.

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I agree with @Jacob_Lange , Mailersend is one of my go tos also for emails.

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You have a video of how it works?

Thanks I’ll be expecting

No problem, I’ll try to have it made soon! Just been busy and with work and my daughter!

I’m expecting. Thanks.

Hi @endieumunna , @Santiago ,
You can check here how to use Templates with Sendinblue.

(2) Using Email Templates in Adalo via Sendinblue - YouTube

I will see if have time to Mailersend.



Great, thank you very much, and I was also interested in mailersend, it sounds interesting because it has more than sendinblue per month! so i’ll take a look

Hi @Santiago ,
Mailersend is same process as Sendinblue. Difference is that you need to verify your domain and add some configs in your DNS. The rest is quite similar in terms of API.

When I have some time, I will make a video.


Awesome I’m looking forward to the video. Thanks

Thanks! so cool