Custom Actions work in test mode, fail in production

Has anyone dealt with this before?

Basically I’m trying to use Integromat to send confirmation email when a volunteer cancels. The values that are hardcoded on that page are identical to the ones I’m passing via the custom action. When it arrives in Integromat however, Integromat is not seeing any of the values. It works perfectly when I execute a test request from within the custom action, just not via the app. Any ideas welcome - I’m unfortunately stumped on what to try next for troubleshooting this. thanks

Hi Sean, you said POST method didn’t work either in the live test?

Hi @grid7,

Could you post a screen showing the available data on that my runs screen? I feel the data has become unavailable to that screen and that’s why it is failing to pass it through to integromat.

@pford correct doing it as a POST method yields exact same result unfortunately.
@anon78309838 sure (see below) but I added the magic text of the params that I’m passing via the custom action onto the page itself to show that the data is available. The values wouldn’t display there if they weren’t…

Hmm I notice you have a Delete action to delete the “Current Run Manifest” and then are trying to pull that data in the Custom Action. Can you explain that step a little more?
Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 11.59.28 AM

you da man @pford!

That’s indeed the issue here. The delete action was killing that record before the custom action ran so the data, although present on the page, was not accessible by the time the custom action ran.

It needs to be there to delete the run manifest once the volunteer cancels but the ordering, as you point out, is critical to execute the notification first before the run manifest is deleted.

Anyways, solid catch. That on completely stumped me and I was going down a different rabbit hole trying to investigate RequestBin data of the 2 different posts to see if it was some header that’s different in test mode. I owe you.

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Nice! Glad that fixed it!

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