Custom Actions: Zapier Catch Hook Not Working


I’m setting up my first custom actions using the Zapier Webhook. The test runs successfully in Adalo. However, I’m not able to get the “Catch Hook” to work in Zapier. I am able to get the “Catch Raw Hook” to work, but this then requires a bunch of JSON parsing to make the data usable in my other tools. Anyone else run into this issue?

Thanks for your help!

I have a different but likely related issue: my test hook isn’t being recognized at all by Zapier. I posted as a comment in the announcement thread before I saw this thread: Custom Actions is Now in Beta!
This Loom reproduces what I’m seeing:

So @mkerp you were able to at least get to the point of receiving data in Zapier catch hook but you can only access the raw json (not the key/value GUI way)?

Turns out I had an error in my JSON. I followed the instructions provided by Zapier using Postman to figure this out:

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OK solved. That’s indeed what it was for me as well - comma on the last item = breakage. thanks @mkerp for this tip. FWIW I used this online JSON validator to figure it out: