Custom Actions is Now in Beta!

Attention: Custom Actions Beta Out Now!
:point_up:Check out the teaser here

We’ve just released Custom Actions in Beta to our paying customers & we’re looking to get some eager testers to help us fine-tune before it is officially released. Now you can:
Trigger an Email :heavy_check_mark:
Slack a Message :heavy_check_mark:
Create an Invoice :heavy_check_mark:
Register for a Webinar :heavy_check_mark:
Send a Text :heavy_check_mark:
Create a Calendar Event :heavy_check_mark:
Trigger some custom code :heavy_check_mark:
and so much more! :sparkles:

Read up a little bit more about custom actions to get off to the races by clicking the link here

Make sure to check out our tutorials, too:
Sending an Email via Sendgrid
Using a Zapier Webhook

We’d love to get your feedback & know that there are a few more things that are in the works for this feature, but we wanted to get it into your hands as soon as possible while we’re finishing up the polish.


Hi - Can I get Custom action? I am interested in testing it out. Thanks

@KatelynCampbell this looks really promising and I’m excited to use this in my app.

Problem: I tested it and for whatever reason Zapier never receives the test post. Requestbin does howerver so it’s sending the payload but is there perhaps some extra step necessary not shown in Ben’s tutorial above in order to get Zapier to accept it? Like some authorization step at the app level to enable this feature? I made a video here to reproduce what I’m seeing:

I replicated every step in his tutorial so not sure what the issue might be and would love someone to take a look. If there’s a more appropriate channel for me to post feedback on the beta please let me know. thanks

PS. here’s the Requestbin URL if that’s helpful for troubleshooting.

FWIW this is resolved. It was an errant comma on the last item in the JASON that was breaking it: Custom Actions: Zapier Catch Hook Not Working
That’s apparently enough to make Zapier not see the inbound post in its catch hook. Good to know.

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@KatelynCampbell can we get a more in depth tutorial for using the Sendgrid API to use dynamic templates and how to set it up?

Hey! What exactly are you trying to achieve?? We’re upgrading Custom Actions so that you can get the outputs of that action and then use them inside of Adalo. Is that what you’re asking them?


Fantastic !! :smile::+1:t2::tada:

It would be helpful to have tutorials on specific API use cases for popular platforms. For Sendgrid the tutorial video shows how to send a simple email, but there wasn’t anything about using dynamic templates/data. I’ve spoken to a few people and it appears that confusion lies in just rearranging json body information.

I’m currently working on sending campaigns using Sendinblue from my app. Using pre-selected Sendinblue templates, to have choice among 2 or 3 for each campaign. The worlflow works fine using some workarounds to store in an Adalo collection the contacts list for each user (campaigns sender), but it works, campaign are drafted, updated with html contents and go out. Now I’ve to work on the hard part : using the pre-selected templates, using airtable I think to be able to have some kind of flexibility and be able to generate html bodies.

Also, I do need airtable for their rich text field. I don’t succeed in getting carriage returns or blank line using Adalo multirows text component.

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How to send an email using a custom action?
As you can see in the second image, the message "Test successful! It’s not done (would this not even send a test email in the first place?)
I’m not sure if I’ve done it or not, it’s the input part of the header of the third image.
I’m already registered in SendGrid, but I don’t know where to copy this from (I can’t remember, but it was already entered in my adalo app lol I forget how I did it before).
But it is displayed at the end as "Test successful! ?
スクリーンショット 2020-07-18 13.07.25|433x500

You should receive the test email to ensure it is working. You may want to trouble shoot by checking the Header Content and that the inputs/JSON body are all feeding to where you want them.