Custom Calendar

hello team, I need a calendar where I can include color to the event and show the name of the event something like this:

I have found this, I don’t know if it can work with adalo? I need help, urgently.

@Victor @TKOTC @Michael

You can build something like this in Adalo, you just need to be experienced enough to do it. My advice is to start small with learning projects, watch tutorials and read guides to understand what Adalo can do and gain experience and skills.

Otherwise, post an ad in the Jobs/Freelance section of the forum to find someone else to build it for you.

Thanks, @Briggsy , in fact, I have published several applications with adalo, but this specific calendar could not incorporate it, maybe with a custom component, I am looking for a little light on that, thanks for your message.

Hi there,

In my opinion a custom component needs to be developed to build something like this. I can’t imagine any way of intergrating JQuery library into Adalo.


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