Filter on date in custom formula - start and end of month

I want to calculate sum of the field “amount” of all records in my table which match a particular condition. The records also have a “date” field, and the condition is that the “date” should be within the current month (between 1 and 28/30/31 of current month). The filter has option “in between”, but my question is how do I choose “beginning of month” and “end of month” as the range for this filter? The “current date/time” has options like “X days ago” and “X days from now”, but I need “start of month” and “end of month”. Is it possible to implement this?

I dont think there is a start of the month and end of month option like you are looking for.

Unfortunately, there isn’t such a feature available right now. The closest feature request I could find related to this functionality is this one:

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