Multiple questions, same form possibilities?

Hey there,

I’m new to Adalo so learning the ropes. For this current project I’m building a simple entry journal like app.

What I’m trying to do:
User clicks new entry, sees a question (static text) and an input box, within the same screen they can push > to see next question, fills it out, does it again 5 times, and on last question / input box screen it has the “save” button to save entry.

The swiping isn’t needed just a cool feature if available yet in a form, I can add an > and users can click it to go to the next question.

What would be the easiest-ish / simple way to creating this?
I feel like I would have to create a new screen for each question, and then pair them together under the same entry.

Also open to hearing ideas on improving that part as well.


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