Giving users access to their profiles

I have two types of users, for example: Restaurant customers and restaurants. Is it possible to give restaurant owners access to their own profiles? I’ve tried setting a user as an authorized for one record (restaurant) but when I try to connect their login to only access the restaurant they manage it doesn’t work. Do I have to create two apps that share a database?

Also- how do I disconnect a stripe account that’s already been entered? I’ve looked in settings, I’ve looked in user profile etc. I need to disconnect the current stripe account and add another.


Maybe try adding a true/false to the users table “Owner?” then put a button on a menu page that only appears for owners, that links to their restaurant page… You can then set visibility on that page to Current User -? Owner? True to be double sure it’s only showing up for the right people.

Thanks, Tony. I think we’ve gotten it figured out! I appreciate your insight.

Cool - how did you go about solving it? Always curious to learn.

Hi @TonyD. We set an automatic field to “is true” at the login for each type of user.

Hey tiffany - having some issues figuring this sort of setup out myself. Would you be willing to chat a bit over email or something? Similar to you, I have two distinct users w/ distinct views, but on top of that one of my user types can have a sort of “sub account”. For example, a parent may create an account, and their 2 kids might have “profiles” under that account. In that case, the parent account will apply on some components, but the active child account vs “inactive child account” would factor in for others.

Hi Colin,

I don’t think I’d be able to help with this. You may want to try one of the Adalo experts. Sorry,

Hey would you be willing to explain a little more what exactly you’re trying to achieve? I get in general but hard to give exact advice.

I would say there are a couple of pro tips here in general:

  • You can group a group and have different conditional visibility for multiple rules set at each group level.

  • You can use conditional actions (so sometimes does actions if some set of criteria is true) and that can help as well.

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All good, thanks anyway. Looks like David replied so I’ll see if he’s got any tips! :slight_smile:

Hey David thanks for the reply. I think I may have inadvertently figured this out. I know I’m not doing it the MOST efficient way, but it is working. At this point basically if a user is logged in, that is the parent. You can then select a “child” profile, and as you progress through the different screens, I set them up separately from the parent one’s, so they look at the “Current Child Profile” which also gets sent by the link as part of that process. Happy to chat more if you’re interested. I’m not too secretive w/ the project. :slight_smile: