Giving users access to their profiles

I have two types of users, for example: Restaurant customers and restaurants. Is it possible to give restaurant owners access to their own profiles? I’ve tried setting a user as an authorized for one record (restaurant) but when I try to connect their login to only access the restaurant they manage it doesn’t work. Do I have to create two apps that share a database?

Also- how do I disconnect a stripe account that’s already been entered? I’ve looked in settings, I’ve looked in user profile etc. I need to disconnect the current stripe account and add another.


Maybe try adding a true/false to the users table “Owner?” then put a button on a menu page that only appears for owners, that links to their restaurant page… You can then set visibility on that page to Current User -? Owner? True to be double sure it’s only showing up for the right people.

Thanks, Tony. I think we’ve gotten it figured out! I appreciate your insight.

Cool - how did you go about solving it? Always curious to learn.

Hi @TonyD. We set an automatic field to “is true” at the login for each type of user.