Custom List Collection Info

Hey everyone! I am wanting to create a custom list that will pull info from a collection and based on certain True/False statements, link to different parts of the app. When I go to add the conditional link, none of the info I need is getting pulled from the collection.

I grabbed one of the other options of lists and added that and have no problem with getting the info I need from the collection.

Am I missing something since it is a Custom List?

Could you share some screenshots?

Do you have the action button linked to the list? If so, when you press on “this action will only happen if” above the Logged In User there should be a Current Newsfeed then link to audio player screen if Audio Player is equal to True

Is it a custom list or simple list?

It is a custom list.

I’ll work on a clonable app for you. Just give me some time becuase I’ll put how to do it in the app! :grinning:

Oh awesome! Sorry to be a pain I just can’t get the links to work in the custom list. They work perfectly in the rebuild list options but I want it to look a certain way

Tell me if it helps!

Ok so this is my issue! I can replicate it using to prebuilt lists in Adalo. But when I try to do the custom list option, I cannot get the True/False options within the newsfeed to show up.

I just figured out how to do it! Please watch the video below!

ok so the only way then is to add a button. Thank you!!!

Or you could add text! That is the only workaround (that I know) :grinning:

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