Custom List Glitch - Duplication & Movement

Hey Everyone,

I have a custom list connected to an external collection that is used for even seat selection. The list is composed of two groups: inactive seating choice and active seating choice. When clicked, the groups change visibility so that the selected seats appear to be highlighted.

In a previous build, everything worked perfectly. When you click, the active group becomes visible, and all other seating options stay in their positions. Currently, when you click, some of the seating options are duplicated for 1-2 seconds, moving everything around. It does not look good from a UI perspective. I have the correct version on a previous test flight build but, unfortunately, don’t have it saved as an Editor version.

Do you have any recommendations or root causes?

See Loom:

Has anyone experienced this before?

Hello, concerning the issue presented in the video. Have you made any changes to the list (Advanced options) section? If you can please share an image of this section please.
Also you can use the (Two state button) component in the Marketplace as another way to implement the same functionality.

Thank you!

Hi @Ali-Bazzi - I haven’t made changes. I’ve even recreated the custom list from scratch, and the issue persists. Given that it used to work as intended, I don’t know the cause. See the screenshot below:

If you didn’t change anything and it’s suddenly acting differently, it’s likely a regression of some kind. Can you file a ticket with steps for us to reproduce?

Hi @adalojosh - I submitted a ticket a few days ago, but no one has responded.

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@adalojosh - I’d like to go live with this new feature this week, so please let me know if someone on the team has recommendations.

Curious if this is happening in the Previewer as well or only in the native build?

@adalojosh - it’s happening in both.

@adalojosh - let me know if anyone on the team has recommendations

Can you make me a loom that shows me how you’re making the list with the state change? I’ll try to recreate and see if I can figure out a workaround.

@adalojosh - See the loom here:

Thanks! I’m booked solid for the next few hours but I’ll take some time this afternoon to see if I can troubleshoot this setup. I created my own setup from scratch using hidden inputs to do state management like this and I did not see anything like what you’re experiencing. So there’s definitely something about your specific setup that I haven’t quite cracked yet. Anecdotally, I will say that this method of state management itself is a bit of a workaround and we tend to see some layout jumping with these types of setups. If you’re going for zero jumping, it might just be that this design with hidden inputs to change state is a no-go unfortunately. I’ll see what I can find out.

I can replicate your setup with my own sample data with no jumping. Works pretty nicely in Preview. There must be something up with something else on the screen. I recommend experimenting with deleting other components one at a time to see if you can figure out if the issue ever goes away and pinpoint the cause.

May I clone this app? I’d like to replicate whatever you did.

Yep! State Switching

Hi @adalojosh , Is someone on the team going to respond to my bug report?

I’m deleting elements from the page, but the issue persists. Additionally, since it was working as intended in a previous build and hasn’t worked even when I’ve recreated it from scratch, I think there’s a larger issue.

@adalojosh - or is there another way you recommend I create this?

Everyone Out There,

I’ve spent the last two hours trying to figure this out as it’s fundamental to launching this new product. I’ve deleted items, added new ones, and created entire new pages, and the only thing that stopped the “jumping” issue was randomly adding a horizontal chip list above the custom two-state list (as seen in the image below).

I have no idea why this stopped it the jumping, but I’ve tried adding other components to replace the chip list of nothing else works. Since I don’t want this list in the final version, does anyone out there have a resolution or encountered the randomness of this issue?

Really sorry you’re experiencing this. Some other ideas to try just to see if anything improves:

  • Disable masonry on your custom list, maybe a grid layout will have less jumping
  • Make the list full width single column instead of three columns

Additionally, some time in the next week or two we’ll be launching multi-state buttons. This will allow you to replace those rectangles with buttons that have multiple states so you won’t need to do the stacking thing with visibility rules. You could try that today in fact with the two-state marketplace button I suppose if you can’t wait for our built-in feature to launch.