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Hello everyone,

I have a special question for you!

Is it possible to send an email containing a link?

Context: I have a web application with a button to send emails. I would like to pass a link through this email.
On the other hand, I have a mobile application that uses the information from the web application.

So, the goal is the following: The email will be sent with a link. When the user receives the email, he/she will click on the link and the mobile application will launch.

It’s like some link that “redirects” you to the application.

Do you know if this is possible? If so, do you have any documentation?

I’m ready to use Integromat/Make too of course

Thanks in advance

PS : It seems that

Yes this is absolutely doable in Adalo, you’ll need to use email templates for example or to achieve the email template and for the redirection you’ll need to use some deeplinking stuff which are also possible in Adalo

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Thanks !

Abracadalo and mailjet arent in the market place ? I have to install in addition ?

For the deeplinking do you have any documentation ?

For abracadalo and mailjet we’re talking about external websites, and deep linking is component connected to API unfortunately there is no documentation

Ok thanks !

Do you think its still possible to use integromat/make with maijet ?

yes, i don’t recommend it, you can use directly their api

I have a question about deeplinking.

I followed this tutorial (I think you know it):

I installed the component and put it on my page:

Then I copied the link and just sent it to myself with my phone but it doesn’t work…

I must have missed a step. Should I install something else? I saw that there was a github but I didn’t understand what it was for

Hi @Totoz,

This component only works on Native and not working on PWA, unfortunately :slightly_smiling_face:

For PWA’s you can use this method : Direct links to products or websites - #4 by Flawless

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Deep linking doesn’t work anymore using this component too, you’re gonna need a work around and build your own API

Thanks guys !

Just for my personal knowledges, when I develop on Adalo I may only create PWA even if I created a mobile app. Right ?

yes, but in this case deeplinking won’t work


We have the Notifications API that is built for Adalo. With this API you can send an email and customize the email template.

About the link, do you want a static link?

The Abracadalo Team


My goal is the following : I want to send a email including a link. When the user receive the email, he click on the link which is actually a deeplinking.

More precisely, when the user click on the link, he have two possibilities :

  • The user has never installed the app, so the link redirects it to the application on the play store
  • The user has already installed the app, so the link open the app on his mobile

Do you integrate deeplinking in Abracadalo ?

Thanks in advance

In order to do this you will only need the link of the app from the Playstore.

I will show you an example in the Apple Store.

Let’s take a random game from the Apple Store

By clicking on the button near the “Download” button you can get the link

This is the link:

You can take this link and add it to the email template, or you can save it in a database and create a variable in the email template in order to auto-populate it with the link from the database.

The Abracadalo Team

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