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Hello, I am making an app for a real estate client, how can I make it so that when creating a property, the client can pass the URL of that property or put a direct link to that property on Instagram?
In wordpress when you create a post it generates a url

Would a copy/paste component work?
Think there are a few of them available. not sure which is best.
here is one:

Thanks for the answer, but what I need is for a link to be generated for that product, as if it were a whatsapp link, so that the client can click and go to that page to see the product and not the full app.

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Hey there @Santiago

You’ll have to set up a way to load the record with a URL parameter using Pragmaflow’s Arbitrary Javascript component.

What you can do is put the arbitrary javascript component and input on your home screen. Set up the javascript component to look for a unique URL parameter as displayed in the video.

I have a default loading screen as the home screen so that I can direct users to either the home page or a specific record details screen based on the URL parameter “id”:

Error if no record found:

List of records that matches the input limited to 1 result:

Inside the list is a countdown timer that links to the record’s details screen:

Real example: &
You’ll see that the URL with the parameter pulls the record and the one without displays the error.


wow… what a genius… thank you very much, I’m going to put it together right now… I have several Pragma components but I didn’t know how it worked… thanks for this contribution!

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I did the configuration as you sent me, the question is: How did you create the url ProPaw Pets? Did you follow the video you sent me or something else?

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