How to Deep Link into Adalo app?

Hi! Since Adalo doesn’t have scheduled push notifications developed yet, I’d like to send SMS/Email reminders to users and include links that would open the iOS/Android app. Does anyone have experience setting up deep linking?

I know there are tools like to do this, but I’m wondering whether there’s something more straightforward that could be used with Adalo already.

I would like to be able to do same without using zapier as the two-five min delay on database detection is not idea for my app.

Email is much easier to do this with than SMS because iOS does not support prefilling the SMS message text. You can use the mailto: scheme to send an email from Adalo with prefilled data (i.e. Magic Text). The only disadvantage here is that it can’t be scheduled, only user initiated.

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Thats not what he is asking…
DeepLink is feature to open a page within the app and pass data in as well… If the user does not have the app it will promp to install while passing data into the app…

I am also sorely missing this basic feature. I do not understand why it has not yet been implemented in Adalo. It is very important for me that the user can share the events that he created through messengers with his friends.
And ofcourse this is a huge opportunity to promote every app in the Adalo community.