Customer Support Improvements Needed

I’ve been using Adalo for about a month now and have started a small business, developing two apps that will soon be published on the App Store. While my experience is similar to many others, I am growing increasingly hesitant about investing more effort into Adalo. I worry that there might not be a sustainable business model in place, but only time will tell.

However, there are several significant issues that need to be addressed, which I’m sure the management team is aware of. To effect change, these concerns must be openly acknowledged and addressed as customer problems.

– The performance of the editor has deteriorated over the past week, sometimes becoming unusable. Network performance for is subpar.

– In the past week, I have frequently encountered “not found” or “Bad Gateway” errors in the Previewer.

– Essential components, like location services, are either paid (NoCode Monkey) or provided by Pragmaflow (requiring expert knowledge to install and lacking support).

– The Adalo Component Marketplace rarely receives updates, leading me to wonder if the unspoken strategy is to outsource basic functionality to paid external providers.

– The company’s support system, rather than the individual support staff, requires significant improvements. For example, a simple one-sentence instruction about refreshing the SSL certificate after connecting a domain should be included on the connect domain screen. This issue reflects a problematic customer support culture. Additionally, outdated forum posts should be archived, and support staff should be available during European business hours and weekends.

– Compared to competitors like Flutterflow, there is a significant gap in support quality. While the technical platforms are different, Flutterflow’s approach to helping users design apps is superior. They offer detailed YouTube videos for learning, whereas Adalo’s resources consist of silent Google Drive videos and unanswered forum posts from years ago, with no documentation. Users shouldn’t have to rely on outdated forum posts to make basic app components work.

I initially chose Adalo due to its simple learning curve, app publishing capabilities, and reasonable starting price. However, after a month of preparation for my business launch, I’m concerned that the effort has outweighed the results.


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Learn Flutter/Dart. Invest your time into something that is free and that you control 100%. I redeveloped my apps within a month from leaving Adalo and I’ve never looked back!