No Customer Support

Hi All,

I’m sorry to provide bad review for the first time. It was good but I do not know what happened to the Adalo now.

Before going to Premium, please think twice. I don’t see proper customer support from Adalo as they mentioned.

I’m requesting help for the issue I’m facing from past 4 days but none of them revert back.

@zachbharris @Ben


@kcan there’s no expectation of support in that plan:

What’s the issue you need help with?


We are not able to build APK file. It is crashing down after installing the APK file.

Is it not included in this plan?


I’m not actually using the native mobile app functionality of Adalo so I’d be a bad person to ask on this but my understanding is you should be able to publish both Android and iOS apps if you have a Pro account. Would need to have someone chime in who is doing it in practice to verify though.


We have used it. And from past 5 months our application on play store.

We are facing this issue from past a week. I’m requesting for someone to look up as we do not have visibility to check.


I haven’t use it yet too, but have you updated your database schema for the new version of the app? And have you tried to remove the previous version, clear cache et reinstall the new version? I don’t think that would solve the issue you have, but that could provide inputs for investigation : either the new APK has a problem, either this situation is due to the APK version migration.


Could you please let us know how to update database schema

Thanks for your reply

What I meant is, between your last version and your current version, have you changed the app collection(s)? These collections are what I called “the app database”.

Okay. No we have not changed any database collection