Customizable Multi-Step Signup Form

How can I create a fully customizable multi-step signup form without being forced to put Email and Password as the first step?

The video link shows the signup process I’m trying to create as well as the error message. How can I fix this?

Hi @Jonathan !! :wave: :wave:

That error message is coming because no email address. But if you want to sign up the user without email you can use username .

Here’s video explained by Victor.

Or first add a form for the email and password(signup) then link for other screens to enter name, gender, age etc.

Hi @Jonathan,

I would suggest the following: on the 1st screen you sign up the user with some “provisional” parameters (like randomly-generated email and password), and on the following screens you can update logged-in user email and password properties to the real ones.

Please note that you will need to set up the logic for cases when user leaves the app in the middle of signup and then returns back. Such user will get to “home” screen, so you’ll need to implement some checks there and send the users who haven’t completed their signup to the other screen. For this you’ll need to have a “signup completed” property which you set to True after the final signup step.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks @dilon_perera.

I apologize @Victor , I don’t clearly understand what you are suggesting. I am new to Adalo and fairly new to No-Coding except for building general websites in Wix.

Your best bet is to spend a week following along to Adalo tutorials on YouTube. There’s really no point asking “how do I do something” if you won’t understand the solution itself. Check out Victor’s YouTube channel it’s filled with heaps of “follow along” Adalo videos.


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