Data Not Getting Displayed

I am creating a new Airtable (AT) Business record using the default name “My Business”, but the name is not showing up in the edit screen in the input field for the record’s Name. I have similar buttons on two other pages that are working fine for creating records in two other databases.

I am struggling to follow what you are trying to do here and how the screenshot relates, sorry.

Could you try rephrasing the question or providing a step by step flow what you are trying to do and where it is going wrong?

I think I fixed it last week, thanks for checking in. It had something to do with interactions with Custom Actions.

I am working through some other issues with list filtering now, and one thing I’ve considered that would be helpful is to have info about incoming links to help with debugging.

Sorting database collections, including Airtable bases:

Sometimes the lists show up and sometimes they don’t.

This is not certain, but, usually when that spinning circle appears, there is a problem loading the data. Perhaps the data is not there for it to load, or something (a filter or other rule) is blocking the retrieval of that data.

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