Data only visible to logged in user

Hi, this might be a dumb question. Sorry new to Adalo… I am creating an app where users can add a client list and log the services they provide to them. If user A logs into the app, user B should not be able to see his entries.

Is this how it works by default or is there anything I need to do to senate user A and user B cannot see each other entries? (They are all the same type of user, no multi sided app)


Hi @dlandes ,
Welcome to Adalo, if you are talking about entries as a List view, you can add a relationship to that List with user and when creating the list, you can filter the entries by “Logged-in use->Your collection”.

So short answer, you can definitely restrict info as per user.

As you can see per the screenshot, I am listing the category list to the user that submitted/created it:


excellent. that was exactly what I needed to know. Thank you!

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