Listing for all users/orders info - Adalo Limitation?

Hi Community,

I have my app set up for users on consumer facing, when i was setting up my content management for the admin to see list of users and orders, I realised Adalo allow me to choose a list to list all users, but when i use magic text to get the names of the users, they are logged in users or current users only.

Anyone able to help on this issue that im facing?

In Summary:

  1. App for user to place order completed
  2. Im setting up another web app for admin user to manage user’s order and users info. - im stuck at listing all info from collections. It only has current collection and logged in user selection only at the moment.

Hi @ron ,

as general rule, admin can view list of users with no filter, so when you create list, you will get current user, if you are inside list or next screen that is linked to.

logged in user is mostly available, and we use it to store temporary variables in its property, as it exposed to more advanced manipulation than change input value, do an update action on users at logged in user in particular property and bring back to text or input using magic text.

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