Display a List of Logged in User's Submitted Data

Hi - I am new to Adalo so forgive me for the basic question.

I am building an app where Users (Songwriters) input their written songs into the app. The app should then display each song that the user has submitted.

How can I get the list to display only the songs added by the user, rather than each user seeing all songs added to the app.

The idea is that this is a tool to help each user manage their catalog of songs.

Hi @mnitg ,

Create relationship between songs and users collection.

Then in the list, use logged in user>songs.

Hey @Yongki - I appreciate the info. Thank you.

I believe that is EXACTLY where I am getting stuck. I’ve tried this many times and I am not able to get it to work properly.

I cleaned up my database and started fresh. I created a relation inside songs data linked to users. I used the first relationship value.

And now the list shows the logged in users songs added. Thank you!

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