Data Size & Growth

I’m really enjoying Adalo.

I have 14,000 users (yay!) and I’m working on building the second version of my app.

With this many users, I’m very worried about how much data my app will take up

If a student utilizes all the features in my app for every lesson (200), that’s a minimum of 600 records per student.

I need estimates on the costs for this level of database usage before I can move forward. Does anyone have a large database of users and can you share how much space your database takes up and perhaps the cost?

Thank you and I’ve been browsing the forum for a while - nice to finally say hello.

@Adalotaco First off, congratulations on what sounds like a great Adalo experience so far and a successful app launch. Though I don’t have an answer to the question you asked, I’d like to see if you wouldn’t mind sharing some insight on the makeup of your app. Where are you/your users located? Are you using an external database at all? With the amount of users you have, have you had issues with performance?

I’m asking these questions, because there are so many posts on this forum regarding Adalo’s poor performance/speed. It’d be nice to hear about someone’s success and the things they’ve done to help get their app where it needed to be.

These are great questions. I just posted a comment on the scalability / stability thread.

My app was essentially a menu and webview pages.
The majority (but not all) of my users are based in the united states.
Those outside the U.S. did complain about loading / speed which I wasnt able to firsthand experience.
All my databases are external and not connected or displayed by Adalo, they’re currently in webview in my 1.0 version.
The issue is, of course, I have several website assets and the different logins is a real nightmare for customers.
With my users only the ones outside the U.S. have had issues, but I think it’s because Adalo is not doing any heavy lifting, at all.

So this was essentially a log in portal, zero database entries.

I was also getting worried about the complaints of users / database sizes, etc.
I am experiencing some lag or loading issues in my testflight version of the app with only seven users (dummy accounts) in the database. But I chalked it up to the recent performance issues as even the forum here was having issues loading.

I’m holding off on my 2.0 launch where I use adalo extensively and build my app directly into adalo instead of my external webview option.

At this point, I’m leaning towards paying a single sign on authentication company instead and keeping things primarily webview. If I have to switch app makers, I’m also considering that. Which doesnt make me happy at all. I’ve spent months building this new app version. Starting over is going to be a nightmare but it’s better than having a dead app that won’t load.

I’ll keep testing it and wait and see. But I dont think I’ll wait longer than a couple weeks.
My relaunch was supposed to be end of June and was on track. Disappointing.

I’ll keep you updated.

I dont know if I used the reply feature correctly, I apologize.

Got it and thanks for explaining your set up. I’m currently working on a Yelp-like app but for my local area of about 20 cities. It’ll have reviews, photo posts, chat (business to user and user to user), friend lists, etc. etc. I’ve gotten along pretty good in my design and have enjoyed figuring out ways to getting components and functions to do what I want them to do. I’d say I’m about 70% of where I need to be. Right now though, I’m somewhat at a standstill as I gather info and insight as to if I’d like to continue with Adalo and perhaps go the external database route or find another platform, since I’m concerned with the amount of content my app could potentially generate. So when I see success stories, I like to hear about them. Good luck on version 2.0 of your app!

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My new version has students with access to 200 class lessons, ability to like and track progress on each individual lesson, and the ability to add/edit/delete class notes for each individual lesson.

I think I’ll add a round of beta testers from different areas of the world to see how the app handles itself and add database entries (without those users having access, only beta testers having access) to see how it handles the added entries (without increased support tickets).

I’m sure I’ll continue to post here as I experience issues / success.

Thank you for your kind words and I’m wishing you the very best on your app success! Local apps are amazing and I’m sure it will be a hit (and a great resource to your area).

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